This Will Sting A Little

I was talking with my husband one morning and he told me a little story he called an “ouch” moment. A father who is on “the back nine” in age was brought to reality when his daughter says to him, “I heard that Paul McCartney was in another band before Wings”. OUCH!

As Sunday meanderings often do, the conversation drifted.

Our kids grew up in the digital age. Maybe some kids don’t know what music sounds like when it’s not an mp3. They are missing a piece of the delicious pie.

My husband who is reading the Neil Young book at the moment told me that Neil is working on a project of some sort to play music in the full spectrum. He called it PureTone.

A wave of nostalgia washed over me. I have full recall of my little blue record player that always had a 45 on it. When the needle wore down and the record got scratches, you just put the pennies on the arm and the needle was deep in the groove and so were you. Then in another time, you put a match pack in the eight track. It was the same sort of thing.

I have succumbed to what I used to refer to as the digital devil. The mp3. My first mp3 download was a soulless, dry experience. There was nothing to hold or unfold.

Now I am a consumer of the digital sound. At least I know what the fullness of music can sound like and I can get back to that. Live music is also another great avenue for that. It’s a whole other topic for another time.

As my total recall fades away, I sip my coffee and realize that pennies are now gone, the little record player is gone, and the eight track is gone. I guess I’ll just wait for my “ouch” moment. It’s sure to come.

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