About Show

“Welcome to Jazz On the Rocks, I’m your host Shelley G, here with you for a couple of hours of the best in jazz, funk and soul. Purely for your listening pleasure.”

Jazz on the Rocks with Shelley G is a weekly two-hour radio show offering unique and intelligent programming – with an edge. It uses an unintimidating, entertaining and fresh approach that engages new listeners without alienating classic jazz fans.

Segments of each show include “The Vintage Track”, where we reach back into time to highlight an artist or a song. There is the “Jazz on the Rocks Spotlight”, which is a more in depth look at an artist and their work with two tracks of music and there is the “Three in a Row” featuring 3 songs with connecting threads, played in sequence for the perfect uninterrupted blend.

Connecting all the segments is some great music and your host Shelley G who with her smooth voice, guides your musical journey.

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Here is what some people are saying about Jazz On The Rocks

Shelley is a true leader in the jazz media marketplace. Her belief in the community, along with her understanding of the art form makes her an unprecedented talent. It is a great pleasure to work with such a well educated, and charismatic jazz journalist.”

Sandro Dominelli
Award winning jazz musician and producer

Jazz on the Rocks with Shelley G is hip, it’s cool…it’s cutting edge yet not unfamiliar or too far out there. If I could host a hot jazz show like this one, I’d have to think twice about doing the blues.”

Brant Zwicker
At the Crossroads Blues Radio