About Host

“Would you be interested in hosting a jazz radio show?” asked the voice on the other line.

“Who are you?” she replied.

“It all started when Shelley Gummeson answered a phone call on an unrelated topic, from long time radio man, Brant Zwicker. Her made-for-radio voice had him following a hunch. That was the beginning of many serendipitous events and meetings that have culminated in the sultry and intelligent Jazz On The Rocks with Shelley G radio show. She is the writer, producer and host of this two-hour weekly show that seamlessly weaves together jazz, funk and soul.

For the past 10 years Shelley G has been sharing her love of this remarkable music by designing musical journeys for her listeners, reacquainting them with some old jazz favorites or introducing to them to their next favorite soul artist. You’ll hear artists that you won’t find anywhere else, featured on Jazz On The Rocks. Possessing an unforgettably smooth voice that welcomes you each week, she ensures that your time with her will be enhanced with well-researched information.

Digging into the story behind the music, Shelley G produces some exceptionally entertaining and in-depth artist showcases. Drawing out fun and sometimes-candid moments she presents the story and the music in an engaging and intimate way, keeping the listener at top of mind.

But that’s not all. Throw in some feature articles, liner notes, bio’s, and album reviews and you begin to see the passion of Shelley G. She introduces, shares, and connects us to the often unsung, vibrant, and colourful artists and music in our midst.

Jazz On The Rocks with Shelley G “Purely for your listening pleasure”.